Eyelash Extension Glue Super Sticky With Lashes Clip For Lash Extension Extra Strong Glue Waterproof Fake False Eyelash Adhesive glue

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  • introductions:Double-eyelid makes the entire face more vivid and beautiful. Perfectly different from many other methods to make a double-eyelid through tool. It is a cosmetic that gives you a natural beautiful double-eyelid without any pain in a short time
    False eyeslashes will enhance the beauty of your look. And choosing the right eyelash glue is essential to keep your false eyelashes securly in place without falling off. This glue we offer you is safe, non-poisonous, very adhesive and does no harm to your skin. And learning how to remove eyelash glue will help you enjoy the benefit of false lashes without ripping out your lashes in the process. Clean off with cleansing tissue or wash-off anytime.

    1.The cosmetic that gives you beautiful eyes
    2.Use as the glue for Double Eyelid and False Eyelashes
    3.Waterproof, breathable, long lasting
    4.Make your eyes impressive & lovely
    5.Paint your eyelids and lightly press. A double-eyelid is simply made
    6.Unless you would press strongly or touch often, it will never disappear.
    7.A double-eyelid is made easily by your own desire.
    8.rovides extra stickiness with absolute no harm to your skin
    9.Comes with a plastic fork

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