Dorisue Pro Strong Hold Water-Proof False Eyelashes Glue Hypoallergenic Adhesive Best Glue for Sensitive eyes Long-Lasting Lash Glue Clear (Clear)

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    • 💋▶These Lashes Glue◀ Strong Hold, Long lasting, Waterproof .It’s a clear, liquid glue which is formaldehyde and latex free. This means it should work for even the most sensitive people without any issues.
    • 💋▶Lash Adhesive Special◀ In addition to not causing any problems for all but the most sensitive people, it’s also got a strong hold. It’s also waterproof, so it’ll hold up through emotional moments and in humid conditions. It was also favored by reviewers with oily skin.
    • 💋▶Package Includes And How to Use◀ 1 piece Clear Eyelash Glue,It takes a little bit to dry, but if you wait until its tacky then you’ll have an easy time of it.
    • 💋▶Ideal for occasions◀ for someone who likes to apply their lashes daily, it’s an excellent option. It’s one of the best around for hold, it’s waterproof, and it seems to come off much easier than you’d expect for this kind of hold.
    • 💋▶Eyelash Tips ◀We know you may like a clear version. So we make it. And It's why easy to remove and keep your eyelashes well. Use eyelashes Dorisue Tweezers, Remove the glue line
  • Lash Adhesive

    1.The cosmetic that gives you beautiful eyes
    2.Use as the glue for Double Eyelid and False Eyelashes
    3.Waterproof, breathable, long-lasting
    4.Make your eyes impressive & lovely
    5.Paint your eyelids and lightly press. A double-eyelid is simply made
    6.Unless you would press strongly or touch often, it will never disappear.
    7.A double-eyelid is made easily by your own desire.
    8.rovides extra stickiness with absolute no harm to your skin
    9.Comes with a plastic fork

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