Dorisue Magnetic Eyeliner Instead of Glue Magic Eyeliner Extra Strong Hold for False Eyelashes

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    • 💋▶These Magnetic Eyeliner ◀ Strong Hold, Long lasting, Waterproof .The Dorisue Magnetic Eyeliner is the magic that holds your fav Magnetic lashes in place all day! It’s the ultimate solution for your easiest lash application EVER. The innovative formula requires minimal waiting time and provides all-day hold for your longest days and wildest nights! 
    • 💋▶ Special◀ Its highly pigmented matte black color stands out and the small applicator tip glides on easy to make cat-flicks and smokey effects a breeze.
    • 💋▶How to Use◀ Shake before each use. Glide brush tip along the lash line, making an even line as thick as the lash magnets. For optimal results, apply Glamnetic lashes onto liner once 80% dry.
      How to remove
    • 💋▶Ideal for occasions◀ for someone who likes to apply their lashes daily, it’s an excellent option. It’s one of the best around for hold, it’s waterproof, and it seems to come off much easier than you’d expect for this kind of hold.
    • 💋▶Eyelash Tips ◀Highly pigmented for eye-popping style, our liquid magnetic eyeliner is the starting point for high-impact looks. It's powerful enough to hold our magnetic mink lashes in place all day, and into the night too. Swap it into your morning routine and get ready for high-impact style.

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